November 2014 Professional Development Meeting

The November 2014 PD meeting will be held on Thursday the 20th.  Please REGISTER to let us know you will be in attendance.

Forrest Breyfogle, CEO of Smarter Solutions, Inc. ( will give both the PD dinner and the tutorial presentation.

Tutorial Topic: Creating Predictive Performance Reports using a Minitab Add-in


Most scorecard or process performance metrics provide a historical or lagging view of key performance indicator (KPI) measurements and/or process responses.  A more desirable statement for reporting reflects what would be expected in the future, if nothing were to change within the process.  With a futuristic understanding for all metrics throughout an organization, one could determine which measurements should be given improvement effort focus so that the enterprise as a whole benefits from this utilization of resources.

Described is a 30,000-foot-level form of reporting, which provides a leading-indicator report format.  A Minitab add-in will be used during the session to facilitate this predictive-performance form of report creation.  This Minitab add-in will be freely available to all attendees after the session.

Dinner Topic: Enhancing Quality’s Role by Resolving Common Executive Management                            Issues


Quality practitioners and organizations benefit when they demonstrate to executive management the benefits that they provide to the big picture.  One way of helping leadership is through addressing issues that are most important to them.

This presentation will describe how those in the Quality profession can help executives address the following challenges, which they often experience:

  1. Executive management receives a monthly 60+ slide PowerPoint deck or a huge excel file, which nets out the status of the organization’s performance metrics. This report, which took much preparation resource, has outdated information, can be difficult to interpret, and does not present information in an actionable format. Data are only historic and not presented in a timely fashion with prediction statements. Management would benefit if it had  reporting that it could access at any point in time  in order to have a high-level view to successfully “thin slice” its decision making process.
  2. Quarterly executive management reviews (EMR) are lengthy and questionable in value.  EMRs consume much resource for both executives and presenters.  Presentations could highlight the status of corrective and preventative actions (CAPAs), but an alignment with business performance metrics is often lacking.
  3. Resources are wasted in fighting fires, and the benefits of process improvement efforts seem questionable. Issues of the day that are supposedly resolved only reoccur.  Also, 100 million dollars in savings may have been reported from process improvement efforts, but nobody can find the money.
  4. Our organization is operating in silos where little regard is given to the big picture.  Performance goals are set by function; however, what is right for one function might not be the best for another function and/or the business as a whole.

 About Forrest Breyfogle

Forrest Breyfogle is CEO of Smarter Solutions, Inc. (, which he founded in 1992 after a 24 year career with IBM. He is a Professional Engineer and ASQ Fellow. He received the 2004 ASQ Crosby Medal for his book, Implementing Six Sigma and in 2011 was selected Quality Professional of the Year by the Quality Magazine. In 2012, he was awarded alumni of the year by Missouri University of Science and Technology and received the Leadership Award at the 2013 Lean & Six Sigma World Conference.

He has authored or co-authored 14 books on business management and Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodologies, which have integration with Business Process Management (BPM).

In his 2008 published 4-book series, an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system is described that goes Beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard. His 2010 published book, Lean Six Sigma Project Execution Guide, provides a detailed step-by-step roadmap, which integrates Lean and Six Sigma tools applications for efficient and effective improvement project completion. His books are primary body of knowledge reference for the America Society for Quality (ASQ) Black Belt certification test.

He has spoken as a keynote and given many presentations at conferences throughout the world. He has been interviewed by several TV, radio, and publications about the application of Six Sigma. Among those that interviewed him include CNNfn & CNBC Power Lunch.

Smarter Solutions not only conducts training but also facilitates creation of the IEE enhanced business management system with BPM. This system effectively integrates predictive scorecards with analytically/innovatively determined strategies, resulting in defined projects and improvement opportunities that have a whole-enterprise benefit.