January 2016 Professional Development Meeting

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

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PD Presentation:  

Emotional Intelligence – Part 1

By Elizabeth Lions

intelligenceEmotional intelligence is the ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. According to Inc. Magazine, the higher the ranking title (such as CEO) the lower the emotional intelligence. Over time lack of emotional intelligence impacts behavior as well as promotions. If you are serious about climbing the career ladder, emotional intelligence is a must.

Join us for the first of a  two part series where Elizabeth will explain what emotional intelligence is, why it’s important and how to develop the skill. This course is beneficial in work situations or in your personal life.


Elizabeth Lions BIO

Elizabeth grew up in central New Jersey, about an hour from New York City. She studied psychology at the University of Maine. She is the Author of two books, ‘Recession Proof Elizabeth LionsYourself’ and “I Quit! Working for You Isn’t Working For Me”. Elizabeth is currently crafting her third book on leadership.

Elizabeth’s coaching practice is broken into two key areas: career management and leadership.

Elizabeth’s credentials are impressive. They include being quoted in U.S. World News Report, AOL Jobs, Australian Finance, Silicon India, CBS Money Watch, Yahoo, The Ladders, and Dice job boards. Her words have reached as far as the front page of the Philadelphia Tribune, PBS, CBS Money Watch, Dale Carnegie and John Tesh’s blog.

In 2013, her radio show for women entitled, “Leadership Lessons from the Lioness”, was created through Plaid For Women, along with her articles. A year later, she brought her leadership classes to Dubai.

Elizabeth’s client list includes executives from Fiserv, AT&T, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, eBay and Intel to name a few.

Today, Elizabeth can be found writing, coaching and collaborating with the who’s who of the Corporate America, as well as abroad. When she isn’t working, Elizabeth can be found traveling across state lines with her husband on their Harley Davidson motorcycle or in the yoga studio twisting for hours on end. To contact Elizabeth, please visit www.elizabethlions.com


Tutorial Topic:

Establishing the FaCS – SIG

By Sharon McNair

Often times the basic quality processes are deemed tedious and overlooked. It is these very steps that allow us to maintain and create a quality product or service.  Many who perform those task on a daily basis do not see the value in their work thus provide less than quality service.

Quality Management is faced with finding ways to create an environment in which employees feel engaged, connected to the success of the company.  The basic quality tools are pertinent to the success of a business and yet most employees do not see their value.  In creating FaCS -SIG we hope to create an environment where persons in the Food, Cosmetics and Supplement industries may learn ways to improve processes that exist and their significance.

Sharon McNair BIO

Sharon is a Quality Manager with Mannatech, Inc. In this role, Sharon oversee the quality systems providing all aspects of quality management, including auditing, and training.  Before joining Mannatech in 2003, Sharon worked for 5+ years for a diverse range of organizations, including Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals, Idexx Veterinary Services and Argus Analytical Inc.

Sharon’s varied background in Dietary Supplements, Oral Pharmaceuticals and environmental industries provided the perfect foundation for quality management.  With more than 17years experience in the various industries, Sharon now focuses mainly on continuous improvement and cGMP compliance.

Sharon is an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor.  She is pursuing her Master’s degree in Quality Management at California State University Dominquez Hills, and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Mississippi State University.





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