February 2016 Professional Development Meeting

The next Professional Development meeting will be held on

Thursday, February 25.

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PD Presentation:  

Process Quality and Security in Healthcare using Programmerless Programming,  an Evolution in Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology

By Sam Chaffin, Unityware Chief Operating Officer and
Brian Stack, Unityware Sr. Scientist

Is modern software the enemy of quality and profit?

It may shock you to learn how much it would return to your bottom line by just
helping your people work together.

Dr. Deming said, “If we focus on the process, the result takes care of itself.”
What’s wrong with our approach to all our software today? Is one of the
problems that we always start with the result we want to achieve?
February 25, we want to talk about the process. With Unityware, our process
starts with:

Do you believe we can program a robot to do work? YES!

Then you can believe we can teach the computer to program AND DO THE


Unityware performs the work of software and is fast to implement – or change.

Sam Chaffin BIO

Sam, a registered professional engineer with BS Chemical Engineering and MS Industrial Engineering was recognized as an outstanding alumnus by College of Engineering, University of Arkansas in 2008. He has persistently solved challenges with his 48 years of experience in providing solutions for companies from Baxter Healthcare and Kimberly Clark to Wal-Mart. Mr Chaffin is known to solve the logistical problems that keep you awake at night.

Bryan Stack BIO.

Bryan Stack created system generating technologies, including one capable of generating itself. Patented under his name, the technology is an innovative mechanism for creating software and user documentation in under 2% of the time it would take the fastest technologies available. The patents are granted and recognized in countries around the globe. Stack  has built companies from the ground up including one he took public and another that was venture funded after securing industry luminaries as clients.

Tutorial Topic:

Introduction to ASQ Certification Process

By John Jennings


ASQ certification (like the examples shown above) is a formal recognition by ASQ that an individual has demonstrated a proficiency within, and comprehension of, a specific body of knowledge. Nearly 180,000 certifications have been issued to dedicated professionals worldwide.

For many, the certification process remains something of a mystery. Frequently asked questions come up about how the exams are created, how they are scored, and how best to prepare for taking a test. This discussion will address these issues and more for those wanting to get one of the many certifications ASQ offers.

Invest in your career and your future with an ASQ certification. Gain an advantage over your competition and increase your potential for a higher salary.

John W. Jennings III BIO

John left the US Air Force in 1970, after serving four years.  Thereafter, John gained thirty-five years of experience in manufacturing as a Quality Technician, QA Engineer, Reliability Engineer, QMS Auditor, QA Manager, Quality System Manager and Director of Performance Excellence.  He continued his formal education part time and graduated from UTD (University Of Texas at Dallas) with a BSEE in Telecommunications (1992) and a MS in Engineering Sciences from UTD in Electronic Manufacturing (1996).

John taught Applied TQM (Total Quality Management) and SPC (Statistical Process Control) for Richland College’s Continuing Education classes for 2 years until they discontinued the program. He has taught refresher classes for the Dallas/Ft. Worth ASQ Section for CMQ/OE, CQT, CQIA, CQI, and CQE.

John is the Quality Assurance Manager for Bowhead Manufacturing, a part of UIC Government Services Division and the Bowhead Family of Companies, part of the Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation, an Alaska Native Corporation.

John has served as a senior examiner for the Texas Award for Performance Excellence, a member of the Board of Governors for Quality Texas and as a member of the board of examiners for Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. He is an ASQ Fellow and currently holds ASQ certifications as CQE, CRE, CSQE, CQA, CBA, CMI, CQT, CMQ/OE, CSSGB, and CSSBB. He is an Exemplar Global Certified QMS Lead Auditor and is certified by NARTE (The National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers, Inc.) as an ESDC (ESD Control) Engineer.


Normally, Professional Development (PD) meetings are always the fourth Thursday of every month.  There are no meetings in June, July, August (summer break) and December (after Thanksgiving).