September 2016 Professional Development Meeting

The next Professional Development meeting will be held on

Thursday, September 22, 2016.

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PD Presentation:  

Master the Art of Social Selling with LinkedIn

By Terry Sullivan

Terry Sullivan

Terry is an Integrated Marketing and Social Selling Strategist, LinkedIn Trainer & Speaker.

Holder of an MBA from Texas State University, Terry received his Social Media Marketing Certification from Splash Media University, one of the nation’s premier Social Media training companies.

Before he founded BUZZPRO in 2012, Terry Sullivan was Director of Marketing for Verizon Communications where he launched many successful national marketing programs that gained more than 456,000 new customers and reduced churn by more than 6% annually, in spite of multiple price increases and competitor product launches.

Why should you use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the proven #1 ranked online business-networking tool that gives business professionals and companies the ability to connect, demonstrate their skills, services and products, and develop meaningful business relationships and sales. With more than 414 million users worldwide,

LinkedIn provides unlimited networking and business-building opportunities. Widely considered to be a Guru of LinkedIn, Terry has trained more than 6,200 business leaders and owners across the nation on how to create their very own unique online brand that gets results. His inspiring LinkedIn training programs focus on branding, keyword optimization and Social Selling strategies that help his customers tap into the world of Social Media to get more prospects, leads and clients.

In his presentation, Terry will show you how use LinkedIn to take advantage of the immense opportunities this powerful platform offers as a personal branding and marketing tool to achieve your business goals.

In Terry’s presentation, you will learn how to…

✓ Connect With The Right People – Quickly and easily connect with the decision makers in the companies you want to work with.
✓ Build Better Leads Faster – Create your own personal lead list of people who will automatically trust you.
✓ Manage Your Contacts – Use LinkedIn as a contact relationship management (CRM) tool to easily keep track of your key contacts, correspondence, phone conversations and more.
✓ Build a Great Reputation – Have professional on LinkedIn eager to receive your marketing messages, connect with you and ask you for your products and services.

Tutorial Topic:

Using Inter-Company Cooperation to Improve Quality and Reduce Cost

By Debbie Roper

droperDebbie was the Stroke Coordinator at the first Hospital in Nevada to receive Primary Stroke Center Certification. She then moved back to Texas and was the Stroke Coordinator that got the first hospital in Tarrant county Stroke Certified. In 2014 when the 11th hospital in the HCA North Texas Division got Stroke Certified she became the first person in the United States to get an entire system Stroke Certified. As part of this system accomplishment she was able to get 11 separate hospitals to adopt system wide processes and documentation. As part of this project over 100 rural hospitals agreed to send their stroke patients to the HCA system known as Texas Stroke Institute.

She is now working with Twine Clinical Consulting and the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals TORCH to raise the quality of stroke care in rural areas through a grant from Genentech.

Debbie has recognized the need in other industries such as Electronic Manufacturing to adopt this collaborative approach to improve the effective implementation of Quality Systems and training. She will explore the similarities and differences between these 2 industries in hopes that we can all use her knowledge and ability to “think outside the box” to improve our company’s Quality through cooperation and effective communication.


Normally, Professional Development (PD) meetings are always the fourth Thursday of every month.  There are no meetings in June, July, August (summer break) and December (after Thanksgiving).  PD Presentations are normally given between 5:30 and 6:30 PM: 45 minutes for the presentation and about 15 Minutes of Q&A at the end.

Interested in giving a presentation or tutorial at one of our future PD meetings?  Contact the ASQ Dallas Chair (ASQDallasChair at gmail dot com).