Virtual Professional Development Meeting – 2021 March


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ISO 56000: Building an Innovation Management System

Join us to hear about Peter Merrill’s latest publication: ISO 56000 Building an Innovation Management System is now published by Quality Press. It introduces the ISO 56000 series of standards on Innovation Management and explains in detail how to use the Innovation Management System Guidance Standard, ISO 56002.


Peter Merrill is a Keynote Speaker on Innovation and has keynoted at events such as the World Conference on Quality.

As Chief Executive of one of the leading Design Brands in the Europe he has been an Innovator in one of the most demanding markets. He is an Engineer, an Artist and a Writer and has led Innovation in the fields of both Graphic Art and Engineering.

He is the Head of Delegation for the Canadian Committee to ISO/TC279 on Innovation Management. He is also chair of the ASQ Innovation Think Tank. He led the International Working Group which developed the ISO Guideline on ‘People Involvement’ in Management Systems and sees the best Innovation coming from the ‘Collective Knowledge’ of an Organization.

He is one of North America’s foremost authorities on Management Systems which he has implemented in such innovative companies as IBM, A.I.G., R.I.M. and Solectron. He has authored books like “Innovation Generation”, “Do It Right the Second Time” and “Innovation Never Stops”.

Peter Merrill emphasizes the importance of developing an Innovative Culture which leads to innovation of both your practices and your business model as well as your products.

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!!! Please make note – Virtual PD Meeting via WebEx !!!

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