Professional Development Meeting – 2022 August

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Presentation & Tutorial:

Creating a Culture of Quality & Performance Excellence

Creating a Culture of Quality & Performance Excellence is essential to sustainable, remarkable, and uncommon business success.

In a comprehensive study that interviewed quality function leaders at more than 60 multinational corporations, conducted an extensive review of academic and practitioner research, and surveyed more than 850 employees in a range of functions and industries and at all levels of seniority, the lessons-learned are:

  • Companies that take a grassroots, peer-driven approach to develop a culture of quality result with employees making fewer mistakes
  • Companies spending far less time and money correcting mistakes


Kim Zoller

Why are employees not succeeding at work and in their interpersonal relationships? Solving this issue is Kim Zoller’s life mission, which was a springboard for ID360 and the digital extension – the Kim Zoller Method. 80% of business and interpersonal communication relies on mindset and communication skills, which are seldom taught in traditional academic schooling. For the past 30 years, Kim has worked with over 300,000 participants, by equipping leaders and businesses globally with the tools to increase engagement, retention and personal and professional growth.
Kim is committed to driving change that positively affects people and business results. Her strength is her ability to understand her clients needs + deliver sustainable solutions in an easily applicable format through real stories and experiences.
Her digitized program – The Kim Zoller Method – is a leadership methodology, rooted in neuroscience. The result? Each individual, team, and leader has the ability to tangibly implement skills that lead to measurable personal and organizational change.
Throughout the years, Kim has been featured on CNN, CNBC, The New York Times, Forbes; her client roster includes notable clients such as Texas Instruments, Capgemini, World Bank Group, Vans, Mattel, GameStop, Fujitsu, Microsoft, American Airlines, Johnson & Johnson, and Rosewood Hotels among others. Kim is also a contributor to Undergraduate, MBA & Law School programs at a variety of universities, which include UTD, Columbia, UT, SM U, and TCU. She’s the author of three leadership and development books and is currently working on another book focusing on creating exceptional cultures.

!!! Please make note – Virtual PD Meeting via WebEx !!!

Meeting Information

Meeting Date: 25th August 2022
Meeting Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Meeting Location:
Virtual Meeting

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