Professional Development Meeting – 2023 January

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Maintaining Software Quality in Large Distributed Systems

SiriusXM radio, like most cloud based services, provides service over the internet as well as over dedicated networks, such as cellular and satellite networks. Many components – all driven by software – come together to provide a high-quality service of such nature. While some of the software components are client facing, many reside at different stages in the backend outside of the customers’ vision. All such necessary software components must work together harmoniously and with the desired outcomes to provide service at a quality customers expect. How is software quality maintained through such a large machinery of software parts?

Accomplishing sound software quality begins with the Product Team that defines the vision and product/feature proposal and translates them into well-defined product requirements. The Engineering Team takes over the product requirements and comes up with efficient technical solutions that translate the product requirements into workable, optimum software architecture and design. The identified software development work is divided into small, manageable, and clearly defined tasks that are unambiguously trackable. These development tasks are taken up by software developers with defined delivery times. Project management and tracking tools are rigorously used to help keep track of the entire project.


Asad Islam, PhD leads software development at SiriusXM – a major US broadcasting company in satellite and streaming radio. He is responsible for ensuring high quality software development of their streaming radio service found in smart devices as well as most automobiles in the United States and Canada. Prior to moving into software, Asad was involved for several years in research and development of cutting-edge image and video technology and was part of the R&D team that introduced award-winning multimedia technology into Nokia mobile phones (prior to the birth of iPhones). He holds over 30 US and European patents and has a Ph.D. in Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering (image and video compression) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York.

!!! Please make note – Virtual PD Meeting via WebEx !!!

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Meeting Date: 26th January 2023
Meeting Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

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