Professional Development Meeting – 2024 January

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Decoding Leadership Presence

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get promoted this year, our speaker’s advice just might be able to help!

Leadership Presence is a set of skills that demonstrate a person’s readiness to be promoted. In this presentation Leadership Presence is discussed by focusing on the six important skills to help people perform more effectively.

This presentation explains ways you need to demonstrate each skill which will increase your credibility and visibility.

Presentation covers: •    Difference between Manager and Leader•    What Employees Want from their Organizations•    Leadership Presence Skills•    Assertive Communication and Listening•    Emotional Intelligence and Influence•    Delivering Results with the Team•    Managing-up•    Strategic Thinking •    Stakeholders•    Action Steps

Valerie Pelan, MBA, PCC, President of Integrated Focus, provides high-quality and customized coaching for her clients to ensure they achieve their goals and increase their confidence. Her coaching enables clients to improve their leadership capabilities, make better decisions, and demonstrate a positive approach to organizational dynamics. She works best with clients who want a Coach who understands the complexity of corporate team management and how to collaborate across an organization to achieve business results.Her clients like her business background and leadership experience and the way she challenged herself to gain strategic expertise to ensure she had career options. Key highlights of her career include leading cross-functional product teams, executive briefings on market research results, and headquarters lead on regulatory activities for Fortune 100 corporations. Her background includes stints in senior roles at Hewlett Packard and AT&T.


!!! Please make note – Virtual PD Meeting via WebEx !!!

Meeting Information

Meeting Date: 25th January 2024
Meeting Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

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Virtual Meeting

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