Virtual Professional Development Meeting – 2020 October

Date/Time: October 22, 2020 6p – 8p

Presenter:  Peter Merrill

Topic: “Innovation Imperative: The Great Eight Remembering The Fundamentals of the Innovation Management Principles”

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Peter Merrill is a global thought leader in both Innovation and Quality Management. He is a Keynote Speaker on Innovation and has keynoted at events such as the World Conference on Quality. 

As Chief Executive of one of the leading Design Brands in Europe. He has been an Innovator in one of the most demanding markets. He is an Engineer, an Artist and a Writer and has led Innovation in the fields of both Graphic Art and Engineering.

He is Head of Delegation for the Canadian Committee to ISO/TC279 on Innovation Management. He is also chair of the ASQ Innovation Think Tank. He led the International Working Group which developed the ISO Guideline on ‘People Involvement’ in Management Systems and sees the best Innovation coming from the ‘Collective Knowledge’ of an Organization.

He is one of North America’s foremost authorities on Management Systems which he has implemented in such innovative companies as IBM, A.I.G., R.I.M. and Solectron. He is author of the books “Innovation Generation”, “Do It Right the Second Time” and “Innovation Never Stops”.

As the CEO of Quest Management, Peter Merrill emphasizes the importance of developing an Innovative Culture which leads to innovation of both your practices and your business model as well as your products. His passion for Innovation comes from a lifelong practical experience.  He truly knows what innovation is about and how to achieve it.

He will speak to his article in the October Quality Progress.  “Innovation Imperative: The Great Eight Remembering The Fundamentals of the Innovation Management Principles”. We will receive a walkthrough of the fundamentals of the innovation management principles included in ISO 56002 Innovation management the Innovation management system. 

Virtual Professional Development Meeting – 2020 September

Date/Time: September 24, 2020 6p – 8p

Presenter:  Forrest Breyfogle

Topic: The Business Process Management Guidebook: An Integrated Enterprise Excellence BPM System

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Forrest Breyfogle is a Professional Engineer and ASQ Fellow who founded Smarter Solutions in 1992. As a management thought leader and innovator, he recently completed a five-book set that provides radical management advancements in the utilization and integration of scorecards, strategic planning, and process improvement.

The first book, The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System: An Enhanced, Unified Approach to Balanced Scorecards, Strategic Planning, and Business Improvement , introduces new perspectives on what to measure and report; when and how to report it; how to interpret the results; and how to use the results to establish goals, prioritize work efforts, and continuously enhance organizational focus and success. The system helps organizations improve their bottom-line and competitiveness through the integration of analytics with innovation.

An additional three-volume series, Integrated Enterprise Excellence: Going Beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard , provides further elaboration on the shortcomings of traditional systems and the details of an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) implementation. This series of volumes describes IEE’s set of management techniques that enhance an organization’s measurement and improvement system to increase predictable and sustainable bottom-line results. The system embeds a set of best practices derived from the strengths of past systems, applying structured metrics and a no-nonsense roadmap to initiate process improvement and achieve substantial benefits. IEE takes Lean Six Sigma and the balanced scorecard to the next level in the pursuit of enterprise excellence. The final book in the set, Lean Six Sigma Project Execution Guide, provides a detailed roadmap for process improvement project execution, which truly integrates Lean and Six Sigma tools.

Forrest Breyfogle was named Quality Professional of the Year for 2011 by Quality Magazine and in 2012 was awarded alumni of the year by Missouri University of Science and Technology. He also received the prestigious Crosby Medal from the American Society for Quality (ASQ) in 2004 for an earlier book, Implementing Six Sigma. He has served on the Board of Advisors for the University of Texas Center for Performance Excellence from 2003-2012.

Mr. Breyfogle began his career with IBM in development and later transferred to the product test organization. Within these organizations he became very interested in the benefits derived from the wise use of statistical techniques. From 1980 to 1992 he served IBM in applying Six Sigma methodology” to testing, development, manufacturing, and service organizations.

Mr. Breyfogle has conducted numerous Lean Six Sigma workshop sessions as well as Master Black Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt, Champion, and Executive training sessions throughout the world. He has coached an array of individuals and organizations on the wise application of Lean and Six Sigma techniques. Smarter Solutions, Inc. has had the honor of serving a distinguished group of Fortune 100 clients and many others in a wide variety of industries.

Mr. Breyfogle has authored or co-authored thirteen books, published over 150 technical articles for a wide range of publications, and has been interviewed by television, radio, and publication editors about managing the dynamics of organizations and the application of all forms of enterprise improvement methodologies. His latest book is The Business Process Management Guidebook: An Integrated Enterprise Excellence BPM System.

Mr. Breyfogle has an MSME degree from the University of Texas and a BSME from the University of Missouri at Rolla.

Virtual Professional Development Meeting – 2020 August

Date/Time: August 27, 2020 6p – 8p

Presenter:  Tom Taormina

Topic: New Approaches to Risk Management

Tom Taormina is no stranger to Risk Management whether its pushing the limits of space flight or lowering the cost of product liability.  Tom has been there.  While at NASA Mission Control he was responsible for supplier quality management, quality standards, and was on duty in mission control during Apollo 13. Today, Tom’s organization, the Taormina Group provides businesses the tools to optimize their processes and obtain their highest level of customer satisfaction while ensuring that they are protected from potential product or service liability. Tom is co-founder of the Nevada Space Center, co-founder of the Center for Business Excellence in Nevada, and Past Chair of the Northern Nevada Development Authority’s Business and Professional Services Committee.  Tom has led manufacturer quality at numerous companies and has published 12 books and numerous articles, many on risk.

Tom was the co-founder of APEX, the Nevada state quality award.  From an ASQ standpoint Tom is Past Chair, Quality Management Systems Committee, Quality Management Division. Tom holds numerous ASQ certifications and continues to be a thought leader in the subject of risk on which he will speak. 

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