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Audit SIG Webinar – April 9th

April 9 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Presented by: Andrew Ellis

**To RSVP for this event, please email jcapstick@gramercyinc.net to receive a webinar link!

Speaker Bio:

Andrew Ellis has more than 15 years of experience in the cyber security industry leading global security organizations, directing security operations (SOC) and cyber incident response (CIRT) teams, leading research and development projects, and providing strategic consulting services to Fortune 100 companies. Andrew is currently the Chief Information Security Officer for an international retail company and is the co-founder of the Ellis Research Institute focusing on cybersecurity strategy and studies.

About the meeting:

Cyber security is no longer a knowledge domain exclusively for professionals – it is a prerequisite for daily life. With the wide variety of threats that face individuals and businesses, a basic understanding of how bad actors target you is needed to limit your likelihood of falling victim to an attack. This discussion will focus on a basic understanding of the nature of threats and how we as individuals can defend ourselves online. A question and answers session will follow the presentation.

 This discussion will cover security basics such as:

•            Protecting your devices, online accounts, and data,

•            How to identify potential malicious activities targeting you,

•            What to do when you believe you have been compromised,

Following the presentation, the speaker will take questions related to both the subject matter covered and general cyber security topics.


Cyber threats are on the rise and no matter who you are or where you work, you may find yourself in a hacker’s crosshairs. While this can sound like a daunting reality, there are common sense practices that everyone can follow to raise the bar for attackers.

 Individuals face a myriad of threats ranging from social engineering (a fancy term for con artistry), to phishing (malicious emails), to malware (computer viruses) which can at a minimum disrupt your life and can escalate to truly problematic situations. Hackers hold the advantage of only needing to be successful once and face limited repercussions for failed attempts, largely due to anonymity, jurisdiction, and the sheer number of attacks making prosecution difficult. There is an established industry of professionals combating this threat daily, but the mismatch between attackers and defenders means that individuals need to be able to take steps to protect themselves. In much the same way that grade school health classes teach the benefits of washing your hands or covering your mouth when you cough, understanding “cyber hygiene” goes a long way to reducing the risk of becoming another statistic. Throughout the presentation we will explore examples of real-world attacks on both the individual and corporate level, connecting the cause and effect with preventative and responsive actions that can be taken.

**To be eligible for RU credits (Certificate of Attendance), you will need to RSVP to jcapstick@gramercyinc.net by Monday, April 8, by 8:00 pm.  An email with a link to the webinar will be returned to those who RSVP.  Please note webinar attendance is necessary to receive credit.

**Note:  If you cannot make the scheduled webinar, the link to the presentation will be provided on the “North Texas Quality Auditing” Linked-In Site within 7 days.


April 9
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm