For Section #1402 members with certifications which have expired, your completed Recertification Journal Application must be postmarked to the attention of Steve Fox, Re-Certification Chair, by no later than six months after the expiration date.

Recertification by RU Credit
Recertification by RU credits is a simple process of obtaining a minimum of 18 recertification units (RUs) within your three year certification period: from professional activities that either increase your knowledge of the Body of Knowledge (BOK) or are job enhancing. At least one area of your job duties, responsibilities, and/or functions must fall in at least one area of your certification’s BOK. Other activities must fall in either one area of the certification(s) BOK or be directly job enhancing. All activities must be completed within your three-year recertification period to qualify.

Reduced Recertification RU Credits for Extenuating Circumstances
Extenuating circumstances such as unemployment, overseas travel, military involvement, extended health issues, maternity leave, etc.,? You may qualify for reduced recertification RU credits.

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